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About ChiChi | Paphiopedilum

It is a famous Greek myth: the goddess Aphrodite (known as Venus by the Romans), born from the waves of the sea. She went ashore near Paphos, a town on the West coast of Cyprus. Once on dry land, she tore a labellum from a flower and wore this as a shoe. Paphiopedilum thanks its special name to this myth. Whether this really happened?


Anyone who examines the pouch-like labellum of the flower more closely can clearly recognize the shape of a shoe. Using this ‘shoe’, this orchid lures insects in order to ensure pollination. And what makes this myth even more special, is the fact that each Paphiopedilum needs a minimum of four to five years to develop into a mature plant. A plant with unusual and beautiful flowers with an upper sepal in a unique colour. Stylish and elegant, it is a real must-have in any home!









This plant doesn’t like to stand with its roots in water. The best watering method is to submerge the pot in water, preferably rain water, about once a week and to allow the excess water to drain from the pot. We advise you to add some special orchid fertilizer to the water once every two weeks. It is a real shade plant but it does need some light to flourish.














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