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It is a famous Greek myth: the goddess Aphrodite (known as Venus by the Romans), born from the waves of the sea. She went ashore near Paphos, a town on the West coast of Cyprus. Once on dry land, she tore a labellum from a flower and wore this as a shoe. Paphiopedilum thanks its special name to this myth. Whether this really happened?


Anyone who examines the pouch-like labellum of the flower more closely can clearly recognize the shape of a shoe. Using this ‘shoe’, this orchid lures insects in order to ensure pollination. And what makes this myth even more special, is the fact that each Paphiopedilum needs a minimum of four to five years to develop into a mature plant. A plant with unusual and beautiful flowers with an upper sepal in a unique colour. Stylish and elegant, it is a real must-have in any home!








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